COMMENTARY: Sanctuary Cities Versus Legalize Marijuana – Federal or States Rights Issue?

There are some who believe that America is headed for a Constitutional Crisis between the Sanctuary Cities, counties, and states with President Trump and his Attorney General on enforcing the law. The State of California recently announced that they are retaining the former Attorney General Eric Holder and his law firm for the amount of $300,000 per year perhaps, even more, should there be a trial. California wants Holders law firm to defend the state against prosecution for supporting Sanctuary Cities in violation of the federal law. Recently California is considering becoming a Sanctuary State.

The publication, Liberty Unyielding reporter Deneen Borelli on February 4, 2016, published an article titled, “ Guess how many sanctuary cities there are in the U.S.” Ms. Borelli suggests that the number could be as high as 300.The problem with Sanctuary Cities is that they are ignoring the federal statutes on the detention of illegal…



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