COMMENTARY: Progressivism – The New Religion

Last week was Thanksgiving. A friend of mine has a 15-year-old tradition of spending turkey day at his sister-in-law’s. Not this year. The sister-in-law is a Hillary supporter. When she discovered that my friend’s wife—her sister—voted for Trump, sister-in-law cancelled Thanksgiving. The same thing happened with another friend’s niece and nephew. My friend invited both of them to his house for turkey. Niece declined because her brother voted for Trump and she could not stand to be in his presence. Two of my oldest friends have closed the Thanksgiving door on me because they are offended that I am a Trump supporter.

For the first time in my experience, something really vile is happening to our political discourse. Family is pitted against family. Friend against friend. We are witnessing a vicious intolerance by the left of any and all conservative opinions. If you supported Clinton, your conservative friends are willing…



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