COMMENTARY: Obama and Kerry—Toys of the Muslim World

John Kerry commented Wednesday on Israel’s rejection of a two-state solution. “If the choice is one state,” Kerry said, “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.” Kerry was attempting to defend the U.S. decision not to veto a U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements in “occupied territory.” Listening to Kerry’s statement, I had to shake my head in disbelief. The U.S. Secretary of State has argued that you can’t be Jewish and democratic. The two are mutually exclusive. I still don’t believe he said it.

If Donald Trump had issued a similar statement, the liberal press would be slapping the anti-Semite charge all over his backside. But Trump didn’t say it. Kerry did. Where is the outrage from the mainstream media? The New York Times reacted as though it never happened. “It is unclear,” said the Times, “what Mr. Kerry hopes to achieve from the speech.”…



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