COMMENTARY: New Racial Slur – Whitelash?

New Racial Slur: Non-College educated white men and women.

How degrading on the part of the media and others was the chastising of white Americans for voting what they believe. The election night coverage was perhaps the most biased I’ve ever seen. Throughout the night the mainstream media reported the vote of Hispanics, blacks, Asians, gays, homosexuals, and women and men.

This time they added a new group and they attacked it, the new group was white, non-college educated men and women. According to the most recent census white people make up 63% of the population, Hispanic are next at about 20%, and blacks account for about 13%. White people are not racist just because they are white, but Van Jones a commentator for CNN called the white vote for Trump “Whitelash” against minorities.

In the 2016 Presidential election Trump attracted the highest percentage of both white men and women, which…



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