COMMENTARY: Muslim Terrorist And Dem Apologists Blow Up Hillary’s Shot At Presidency

This weekend in Orlando a cowardly Muslim terrorist shot and killed 49 unarmed Americans in a nightclub. Any American with half a brain knows there is only one culprit: Islam. However, no one has ever accused liberals of having any brains let alone half of one. Many liberals blamed the terrorism on the horrible economy in Syria or assault weapons!  I guess they never heard of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai or Paris where all guns are banned let alone assault weapons. Then the Huffington Post, Think Progress and Planned Parenthood had a typical liberal reason for the bloodshed: toxic masculinity is what killed these 49 Americans.

Liberal, feminist Hillary Clinton fans and drones classify Toxic masculinity as a specific model of manhood, geared towards dominance and control. They believe it is a “manhood that views women and LGBT people as inferior, sees sex as an act not…



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