COMMENTARY: Mr. Trump, Look There’s A Bright Shiny Object.

Mr. Trump, look there’s a bright shiny object.

In the Disney Pixar movie “Up” there is a talking dog name Doug, his problem is that he is easily distracted from whatever he is doing. In the scene were Doug is talking to the old man and the boy he is immediately distracted by a squirrel. He is frozen in time focused on the squirrel and then Doug comes back to the subject matter at hand.

Hillary Clinton has announced that her strategy for the month of August is not to talk about issues, but to attack and destroy the reputation of Donald Trump. She has the President and many other spokespeople launching daily assaults against Mr. Trump. Based on his current reactions her strategy seems to be working in that she is taking Donald off message and he is reacting to whatever she or her surrogates say.  It’s like the…



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