COMMENTARY: Long-Overdue Response to Islamic Terror

Our new president has issued an executive order to close the US to immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. His purpose is to protect us from Islamic terrorists who originate in those countries. This is a complete turnaround from Obama’s do-nothing policy. Obama would not even acknowledge the threat from Islamic terrorism. He forbade government employees and the military from using words and phrases such as “Islamic terrorism,” “jihad,” and “Allah.” As a direct result, we have been more vulnerable to attack. It has been suggested that the terror nightmare in Orlando could have been prevented if Obama had not censored the DHS from acknowledging the existence of a threat.

The argument against Trump’s executive order, according to Ryan Crocker, former US ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan, is that it will “confirm to the world that we are anti-Muslim.” Madeline Albright, former secretary of state, seems…



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