COMMENTARY: Hope-a-Dope – Obama’s Deception

Boxer Muhammad Ali had a slogan called “rope-a-dope” where he would dupe his opponent. By pretending to be trapped against the ropes, Ali would tire out the other fighter and then come back to win the bout. Barack Obama has used the concept of hope in a similar way in order to dupe the American public. I call it “hope-a-dope.” Obama won the presidency with his brilliant campaign slogan, “Hope and Change”—brilliant not because of what it meant, but rather because of what it did not mean. All by itself, “Hope and Change” doesn’t mean a damn thing. Obama’s slogan was pure nonsense on purpose.

“Hope and Change” was intended to seduce gullible voters who were fed up after George W. Bush’s second term in office. Hope and change. Change and hope. You could go along with it but you couldn’t attack it because there was no “it.” What would…



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