COMMENTARY: Hillary Supporters Hate Sex With The Lights On

The tagline of my company, Spartacus Strategies, is “have sex with the lights on.”  When my company takes over a gym’s personal training and branding we put posters with this wonderful, energetic and inspiring message on it throughout the gym.  The posters are three feet by two feet and has “sex with the lights on” prominently featured on it.   Every time I put the posters up I warn the staff that 85 percent of the members are going to absolutely love it and that 15 percent of the members will have panic attacks mixed with aggressive fits of rage. I also tell the staff that the mostly white, caustic, affluent and venomous members who hate “Sex with the lights on” are always Hillary Clinton supporters.

Who really are the most loyal and fanatical supporters of Hillary? Women who feel they have been discriminated against and/ or a woman who had a man cheat on them.  A recent University of Massachusetts poll showed that 70 percent of female Hillary supporters feel they have been persecuted as a woman in regards to their career and education compared to 40 percent of female Bernie Sanders supporters. This poll also showed that younger women who do support Clinton report having experienced discrimination at rates similar to those reported  by older woman supporting the queen of man suits.

When you look at women 18-29, 60 percent of Hillary supporters believe they have suffered gender discrimination while only ten percent of Sanders women feel that way!! When you look at women 30-39, 55 percent of Hillary supporters believe they have suffered gender discrimination while only 30 percent of Sanders women feel that way.  When you look at women ages 40-49, 72 percent of Hillary supporters believe they have suffered gender discrimination while only 21 percent of Sanders women feel that way!

Once the posters go up within minutes you will almost always see a white, sausage shaped, affluent lady demanding to see me or a manager. Holding back both tears and outrage they will say that the posters are offensive and demeaning to women. I then ask them, “who doesn’t want to have sex with the lights on? Are you advocating for sex in the dark?”  This line of questioning almost always leads to vicious profanities from the Hillary supporter. I then ask the women with the potty mouth if they are Hillary supporters and they usually give me the finger or say, “F*ck you and F*ck Trump”.  Besides hating sex with the lights on Hillary supporters are also known to hate strong men, sexy women and a clean mouth.

You have to understand I have opened up a dozen gym accounts in the last year and have put posters up in all of them. I have seen Hundreds of angry women who feigned outrage over, “sex with the lights on.”   I can tell you on my mother’s life that not one Hillary supporter (and enemy of Sex with the lights on):

  1. Is Hot or even close. Large percentages have cankles and double chins.
  2. Has ever had plastic surgery to improve their looks. Sexy ladies when they get older usually get breast implants or lifts, botox and fillers to their lips. These women want to continue having sex with the lights on and almost always support Trump. Hillary supporters get blue blockers and man suits.
  3. Wears thongs and tight leggings. Women who hate sex with the lights on and support Hillary almost always wear oversized basketball shorts or cotton sweatpants.
  4. Do booty exercises and booty classes. Getting a sexy booty is the number one thing in the fitness world for women today. Women who hate sex with the lights on and support Hillary do not care about their booty. You make a sexy and hot booty because you want male attention. You can’t see booty in cotton sweat pants or a pant suit! Why spend time making your booty sexy as hell if you abhor sex with the lights on and despise men?
  5. Supports the second amendment. Many of our posters have images of my sexy female clients holding assault rifles and hand guns over their private parts. Women who despise sex with lights on and support Hillary HATE GUNS as much as they hate the sexy women with their big booty holding them.

Why are Hillary supporters so angry? Almost every Hillary supporter I talk to will admit over conversation that they feel men and society hate women. Almost every Pant suit supporter will admit in startling honesty that they were cheated on by one of those nasty vermin called men. This reason is almost always overlooked by the talking heads and pollsters!  So many women who hate sex with the lights on have been left by their husband for a younger, happier and sexy woman. They identify  with Hillary and look over her pathetic record and history because they see another woman victimized by her husband.

I tell all these outraged women I can help them lose the cankles , double chin and make them sexy again. I tell them all if they just give another man ( me) a chance they can become beautiful again and one day even have sex with the lights on. I tell them they do not have to be a victim full of bile any longer!  Let’s make you and America great again! Unfortunately the Hillary supporters always never take me up on this offer and head to their Zumba class.

Michael Karolchyk

Michael Karolchyk is currently the CEO of Spartacus Strategies.Spartacus Strategies controls and operates the Personal training, branding and marketing of over 20 health clubs throughout the United States. Michael is the creator of Spartacus Strategies’ patented goddess program which has made more women SEXY goddesses than any other fitness program in the world.

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