COMMENTARY: Global Warming—An Avalanche of Propaganda

It drives me nuts when somebody tries to pull the wool over my eyes. I hate being conned. That’s why I am so disturbed by all the manufactured hysteria about climate change. The truth is clearly stated in my book, In Lies We Trust: “It cannot be claimed beyond a reasonable doubt that (a) global warming exists, or that (b) climate change is caused by human activities, or that (c) climate change is dangerous. I would like to remain open-minded on this issue but the more research I do, the more convinced I am that global warming is a giant hoax.”

It used to be suicide to admit that you deny global warming. But now the media, which has supported the GW agenda lock, stock, and barrel, is reacting to an unexpected development: The president-elect and his nominee for EPA administrator are skeptical about climate change. It is finally acceptable…



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