COMMENTARY: Eliminate the Electoral College if You Hate Minorities

In the wake of Donald J. Trump’s historic election to the Presidency, the political left has again picked up the rallying cry demanding the elimination of the Electoral College. In the 228 years since 1788, the United States have held 56 Presidential Elections. In four of these, the winner did not secure the popular vote. Since the final tally of the 2016 Elections are incomplete as of the date of this writing, including absentee ballots, ex-patriots and our brave volunteer soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces overseas, it is still unknown which candidate won the popular vote. This fact, however, has not stopped thousands of Leftists from protesting and rioting in cities and college campuses around the country in anticipation of another instance. Emotions aside, here are the historical facts:

In 1824, Andrew Jackson beat John Quincy Adams 99 to 84 in the electoral vote and by 38,000 in the…



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