COMMENTARY: Election Fraud: Nothing to See Here!

Google “Voter Fraud” and notice how many articles are listed by left-wing “news organizations” citing so-called experts saying that it is “rare”, “overblown”, or as the Huffington Post declares, “consistent since 2000”. The same is true for other, similar search terms on Google such as “Voter Fraud Cases” and “History of Voter Fraud”.

If I lived in a cave, and only had Google to keep me company, I might believe it… but I don’t. I read and I know of the many claims that Google regularly alters its listings to favor left-wing messaging; that it censors opposing views and the individuals that express them; that Eric Schmidt, who was the chief technology officer for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, and who is now the executive chairman of Google parent-company Alphabet, is hard at work in a new company Groundwork ensuring that Hillary Clinton gets elected.1. I also know that Wikileaks founder…



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