COMMENTARY: Donald Trump has Bill Clinton and the 900-pound Gorilla in the Room

I read that a Republican said, “That because of the revelations of what Trump said in the 11 year-old tape, he didn’t know how he was going to explain to his 15-year-old daughter what the words meant that Trump used.” Because of this tape, he was not going to support Trump.  I wonder how that supposed Republican will explain to his daughter that the 42nd President was unfaithful to his wife by having sexual relations in the Oval Office? How will he explain that Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury for his Monica Lewinsky affair or that he paid $850,000 to Paula Jones for a sexual abuse case? How will he tell his daughter that the women’s movement was set back and that Democratic liberal women sacrificed their progress to defend the serial rapist?

I hope that Americans, especially the millennia’s, learn that Hillary Clinton had the job of destroying…



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