Commentary: DoD Obama Holdovers are Putting America at Risk – Trump Needs to Drain the Swamp AND Now

President Trump has the opportunity to protect America which go right along with his #MAGA slogan. A safe America is a great America. Even if we could forget about Iran or even Russia, North Korea has become and imminent nuclear threat. Kim Jung Il and his surrogates have literally threatened to nuke America. Sure, it can be laughed off as braggadocio or some international chest pounding, but North Korea does actually have nuclear weapons. America would be more than foolish not to prepare for an attack.

Other than an offensive strike to take out North Korea or any other enemy, America needs strong and capable defensive weapons in the case of a nuclear strike. It’s great to be an American where that technology exists. Ground based missile defense systems are underway to protect America (in the near future) from just such an attack.

That is if President Trump acts decisively…



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