COMMENTARY: Defining a Candidates “History” in the Debates Could Determine the Outcome

History is the best tool we have to estimate how the candidates are likely to act if elected President and what we can expect from their adminstration. In the Presidential Debates, it will be the goal of each candidate to turn both their own history into a selling point and their opponent’s history into a liability… or for big points, fear.

Other than his recent Presidential run, Donald Trump has no history in politics. However, Hillary Clinton’s campaign probably believes that in that short time, Trump has given her plenty of material to work with. While she’ll likely use his more contentious statements in the last year to call him a sexist, racist, homophobe and xenophobe, as she did half of his supporters recently, this strategy will be far less effective with independent voters than it has been with her own party. More importantly though, it risks enforcing her image…



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