COMMENTARY: Corrupt South Carolina Unions Seeks More Dues to Fund Leadership Slush Fund

The Donald Trump era has begun. Today is the day America launches on a roller-coaster ride led by one of our nation’s most successful businessmen. He’s made a lot of promises and shocked the world with his brash behavior and confident air. Now we will all see what really will get done. Will the swamp get drained? Will American businesses come home from overseas?

These and many more questions will be on the minds of the citizens of America as the Trump presidency begins. Bringing home companies from overseas and keeping them from leaving will take more than a few threatening tweets. It will require that the Unions be taken head on and put in check.

When the Unions of the world were founded they had a place. They filled a need, but that day is gone. The Unions of today have become synonymous with bloated government, corruption, and organized…



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