COMMENTARY: Aristocracy In America

Since the mid-18th century, before there was a United States, America came to despise aristocracy and everything it stood for. Today, with fewer and fewer voters familiar with history, aristocracy has experienced resurgence by using this vacuum as a new medium in which to flourish.

After almost a century of effective isolation from their mother country, American Colonists in the mid 1700s had developed their own unique understanding of man’s relationship with government. Literacy rates in the American Colonies were among the highest in the world. They were both well-versed in history and political philosophy and proud of their English tradition of legalism, which promised that all subjects of the crown were equal in the eyes of the law. However, after the Seven Years War (what we Americans call “The French Indian War”), King George III and Parliament began reinterpreting and eliminating the colonists’ rights and effectively nullifying decades of…



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