COMMENTARY: Are Some Republicans Worried About the Wrong Landslide?

Almost from the beginning of his campaign some Republicans have agreed with Democrats that Donald Trump couldn’t win the party nomination, yet he defeated 16 opponents and had the highest vote count in the history of the Republican Party. Now that he has won the party nomination, they believe he can’t win the presidency.  Recently, 70 Republicans signed a letter saying that they believe that Donald Trump will lose in a landslide to Hillary Clinton.  It would be interesting to look at the 70 names and check their history to see if any of Trump’s detractors are Republicans In Name Only, (RINO).

The Democratic leaning press is full of possible solutions for the Republican Party to minimize their losses.  One helpful suggestion was that the RNC could declare Mr. Trump to be incompetent and replace him.  They had no suggestion as to who the replacement should be, perhaps they were…



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