COMMENTARY & A SONG: A Tonic For The Election Blues

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A Tonic For the Election Blues

In these last 100 days of the 2016 Presidential Election, Americans will be bombarded with a constant cacophony of emotional toxicity. Whenever a radio, computer or television is on and nearby, we will hear and see heavily financed attempts to influence our actions on Election Day, and the vast majority of it will be negative. Talking heads will go on angry tirades, panelists will walk over each other’s arguments, editorialists will lie, our programs will be interrupted with carefully designed commercials to manipulate our emotions, and the news will be filled with stories of horrible things people are doing to one another both at home and abroad. For those of us seeking sanctuary from the chaos, there will be few places to hide.  However, through this black fog one can find respite by consciously distinguishing between what IS happening to us versus…



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