COMMENTARY: A Lesson for the Biased Media

Throughout the presidential campaign, the Left and their media supporters floated the manufactured assertion that Donald Trump is racist, fascist, and misogynistic. Many weak-minded voters fell for the Kool-Aid. Taking her cue from the press, a woman posted on Facebook that Trump is “a vile, orange, bloated, narcissistic, dangerously thin-skinned, spineless, lying miscreant.” But this media strategy, initially designed to destroy Trump’s appeal as a candidate, didn’t work because there was an insufficient number of fools among the electorate. Now the same lie is being used by the Democrats, in conjunction with Rep. John Lewis’ unsubstantiated claim that the Russians hacked the election, to explain away the failure of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. The assertion about Trump is, and has always been, completely false.

Enter MSNBC and its mouthpiece, Rachel Maddow, who a friend of mine refers to as “Rachel Madcow.” She criticized Trump’s acceptance speech on the grounds that it…



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