Color Revolution: The Underground, Anti-Trump Cabal Threatening Our Republic | Ep 366

Are we in the beginning of a DOMESTIC color revolution? If you think the pro-Gaza/anti-Israel college campus protests were totally organic and grassroots, you may want to think again. Helping spur regime change in foreign countries like Ukraine and Libya has been United States policy for decades. Covert CIA operations to manipulate foreign media, meddle in elections, and topple governments go back to the opening salvos of the Cold War. But NOTHING the CIA pulled off even comes close to what the agency’s successors began doing. NGOs, trade unions, and people like George Soros had their fingerprints all over color revolutions in the Middle East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. They trained and mobilized street movements, toppled regimes, and they did it all out in the open. They bragged about it! In this episode of “Glenn TV,” Glenn Beck reveals the players, the playbook, and the warning signs that point to the same cabal activating HERE in the United States. They seem to pop up every four years, and coincidentally, their money and activism usually come at a time of mass civil unrest. Glenn had two big predictions at Fox News related to the color revolutions and the Arab Spring protests. At the time, he was widely mocked by mainstream media and called “crazy.” But … those predictions turned out to be true, and with global consequences. Will anyone listen now?

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