Coincidence? He Told WSJ of Attempt to Get Missing Clinton Emails-Now He’s Killed Himself

Look, I am not saying that the Clintons or their contacts are guilty of murder— there hasn’t been anything close to evidence proving homicide. However, friends, contacts, and/or people investigating  Bill and Hillary Clinton, have this nasty habit of turning up dead. We all gotta go sometimes, but these people seem to go to their maker under weird circumstances (and many by suicide).

And now there’s a brand new example:

Republican operative Peter W. Smith has “committed suicide” at the age of eighty-one just days after he spoke with The Wall Street Journal about a Clinton investigation. In the interview, he revealed that he had attempted to recover he 30k+ emails of Hillary Clinton that went missing.

According to police though, he took his life due to his failing health. And if you believe in coincidences you may feel perfectly comfortable that his suicide had nothing to do with that WSJ story.

Here’s the real story from The Chicago…



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