Coast Guard Achieves New Record for Cocaine Seizures at Sea

The Coast Guard has reached a new record of cocaine seizures at sea, for the second year in a row, according to The Washington Post.

As of Sept. 11, the Coast Guard has seized more than 455,000 pounds of cocaine in the fiscal year that will end Oct. 1. The amount last year was 443,790 pounds. The Coast Guard also has detained at least 681 suspected smugglers, an increase from 585 the previous year, the Post reported.

Wednesday, in San Diego, the Coast Guard will highlight the record alongside Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as it offloads 50,550 pounds of cocaine confiscated by four Coast Guard cutters in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Captures of massive amounts of drugs have become “just another day in the service,” according to Adm. Paul F. Zukunft, the Coast Guard commandant. The amount of cocaine has dramatically increased since the government of Colombia eased back on



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