CNN/SSRS Poll: More People Want GOP to Quit ACA Repeal/Replace Efforts

A growing number of Americans want Republicans to quit their efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, and instead try for a bill that has bipartisan support, a new CNN/SSRS poll reveals.

In the poll, conducted between July 14-18 among a random national sample of 1,019 adults, 35 percent said they want President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to give up their repeal/replace plans, up from 23 percent in a March survey.

Most favor some sort of repeal, but preferences are moving away from repealing the law and enacting replacements concurrently:

34 percent would prefer repeal with replacement at the same time, down from 59 percent in March. 18 percent favor repeal regardless of whether the law is replaced at the same time. 13 percent are not sure what they want to happen.

The increases in abandoning repeal efforts are coming from groups that are not central to the GOP base, including…



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