CNN LEAK: Twitter Followers Fake, CNN In On The Scam

After Project Veritas released over 100 hours of behind the scenes CNN newsroom audio this week, we knew it was only a matter of time before the network took a massive hit.

CNN has once again been caught red-handed falsifying their own influence.

In the wake of the leak, many agents of disinformation have leapt into action in a lame attempt to discredit Project Veritas, and it has now backfired in an enormous way.  While a phony screenshot purports to show a CNN  editor instructing his cronies to pay for Twitter clout, internet sleuths have outed the graphic as a bit of misdirection and fallacy by supporters of the network.  Now, those same web detectives have discovered something startling regarding CNN’s Twitter profile.

“It’s unknown whether the image was concocted by dishonest CNN trolls or planted by propagandists seeking to discredit the thousands of citizen journalists, but it…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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