CNN Host calls President Trump a “Piece of Sh**”

By Andrew West

If there is one thing that the liberally biased mainstream nitwits do well, it is the exploitation of unjust death and wanton destruction to push their agenda.

So, of course, they were back at it this weekend as London reeled from an all out assault on the sanctity and peace of the city.  In the attack, which took place on the iconic London Bridge, terrorists sped a van into a crowd, leapt from the vehicle, and began a violent stabbing spree that continued for 8 minutes before authorities arrived.  When the deed was done, 7 were pronounced dead with scores of others injured, while ISIS in the middle east celebrated.

With the gruesome and gory scene still fresh in the minds of the world’s citizens, one host on left-leaning CNN took the opportunity to lambast the U.S. President, piggy backing off of these dead Londoners to attempt…



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