CNN Gets Booted From This Nation After Being Deemed Fake News!

CNN’s affinity for stretching, (and ignoring), the truth has caused them to be banned from Venezuela.

As soon as the ludicrous term became part of the cable news canon, many were quick to point out that CNN itself has been at the forefront of dubious reporting for several decades.  Now, an entire nation has decided that they have endured enough of the liberal media outlet’s nonsense.

“Venezuela’s government pulled CNN in Spanish from the nation’s airwaves on Wednesday, shutting off the news channel after officials angrily criticized a report alleging the country’s diplomats sold passports to members of a Middle East terror group.

“The National Telecommunications Commission announced it initiated sanctions because of news stories that it considered ‘direct aggressions’ that ‘threaten the peace and democratic stability’ of Venezuela, the agency said in a news release.

“The move comes as the new U.S. administration seems to be trying to further…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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