CNN Cuts Bernie Sanders Segment Short After “Fake News” Comment

CNN couldn’t handle a joke by democratic darling Bernie Sanders regarding the network’s reputation for being “fake news”, and promptly cut the senator off.

CNN has been fighting an uphill battle against the term “fake news”, a phrase they themselves had a large hand in promoting into the mainstream vernacular.  Now, as more and more Americans are coming to the realization that CNN itself is number once source of liberal propaganda, the network is ramping up their defenses against the term.

“The awkward moment happened Friday when Burnett played a clip of President Donald Trump denying knowledge of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s alleged talks with a Russian ambassador.

“’Well I don’t know. Maybe he [Trump] was watching CNN fake news,’ Bernie jests attempting to mock Trump, before asking, ‘What do you think?’

“’It was a joke!’ the senator explains to a somewhat bewildered Burnett, but it was too late…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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