CNN caught in HUGE lie Friday (jaw dropping!)

by Kylie Handler, editor

CNN has had a fair share of scandals in 2017 — and Friday’s fake news was the cherry on top of their heaping pile of lies.

They network eventually corrected their intentionally fake reporting… but made it clear they were not sorry!

Friday, CNN reporter Manu Raju published a bombshell claim suggesting that President Donald Trump, and his son Donald Trump Jr. received an email from WikiLeaks with a decryption key and website address to hacked content by the Democrats, and possibly Russian operatives.

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It was all made up.

Raju reported that the email was dated back to Sept. 4, 2016, which implied that then-presidential candidate Trump and his team were provided access to information by Russia that was not yet made public.

Several news outlets including The Daily Caller and The Wall Street Journal published



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