Clinton Rally: Veteran Booed and Removed – “Hillary Lied Over Four Coffins”

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Bill Clinton had all he could handle recently on a stump event for his wife. A US Marine stood to ask a respectful question about the four dead in Benghazi. The crowd instantly turned against the young veteran and began shouting at him to sit down.

He did not. I’m sure the Clinton’s wish Benghazi would go away, but it won’t.

Recently, the families of the dead have spoken out about how the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looked them in the faces at the funerals and lied.

She promised to get the maker of the illicit video in response to the massacre that claimed the lives of their loved ones.

She has never accepted responsibility and famously cried out, “What difference does it?”

Military human life is of little value to the Clinton’s. Hillary lied over four coffins draped in the American flag and did not…



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