Clinton Dream: “Open Borders” For Terrorists and Refugees

Moderator Chris Wallace, of Fox News, had asked Clinton to clarify her opinion on “open borders,” an issue that Donald Trump has been accusing her of pushing through, risking a “disaster.” Trump, however, did not take the bait. He steered back toward the immigration discussion, but did not miss the twist. “She doesn’t like Putin because Putin has outsmarted her at every step of the way,” Trump said.

Hillary Clinton has played the “Russia card,” deflecting from her “open borders dream” exposed by WikiLeaks to hacking claims against Trump and Vladimir Putin. Trump condemned the cyberattacks, saying Clinton’s ire stems from personal bias, not evidence.

The third and last presidential duel could well have passed with no mention of Russia, which grabbed the spotlight unexpectedly amid a debate over immigration, essentially serving as Clinton’s shield from what could have evolved into a rather uncomfortable discussion.

Moderator Chris Wallace, of Fox…



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