Chuck Schumer Blames POTUS For Nightmare That Is The NYC Subways

By Andrew West and Jeff Dunetz

From 1981-2012 I commuted to Manhattan five days a week. The railroad ride would be followed by a few stops on a NYC Subway where the only thing more disgusting than the subway cars were the stations which were not only littered with uneaten food and various types of paper,  but gobs of something of an unusual color sticking to the floors and walls. On the bright side, when the subways were late (which was usually the case) or too packed to squeeze oneself in (which was the rest of the time) there was always some wildlife to appreciate (the indigenous NYC rat).

Five years since what was thankfully my last ride on a NYC subway, Senator Chuck Schumer’s finally admitted why every open seat on a NYC Subway was next to either a homeless guy talking to himself very loudly,  or a business woman who soaked…



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