Christians: The “Don’t Talk About Politics” Hoax

Christians, “Don’t talk about politics with other Christians, it might divide us.”

When pastors (not all) and liberals tell us conservatives not to talk about politics at church, they encourage a “secret life” of discussing things outside church which are not subjected to our Biblical standard of always speaking the truth – especially the practice of hiding lies we are aware of.  I know tons of Christians who lie brazenly about political matters.

Worst of all, when our pastors say “no politics”, our spouses often impugn those of us who are aware of our political death spiral as if we should NEVER discuss politics.

So, the church should not be political?   Paul sure was, check out all his political gamesmanship with finding a friendly court for his trial at the end of Acts.  He was politically aware and active, and GOD even spoke to Paul about the political show trial



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