Chris Wallace Lays Some Inconvenient Truths on Al Gore [VIDEO]

Chris Wallace had Al Gore on his show and everything was sunshine and roses until Chris Wallace started naming all the predictions and statements from Al Gore on global warming that turned out to be total BS.  Al Gore didn’t like that.  Gore insisted that even though he was wrong, he was right.  Al Gore tried to right his ship by spewing bald faced lies.

Gore claimed that Greenland is losing one cubic kilometer of ice every single day.  But is it really?

Greenland’s ice sheet kicked off 2017 gaining about eight gigatons of snow and ice, which is well above what’s usually added to the ice sheet Jan. 1 for the last 24 years, according to Danish meteorologists.

Now, there’s an inconvenient truth for you.

 Many predictions made by scientists and other climate…



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