Chinese State-Owned Energy Company Suspends Fuel Sales To North Korea

Reuters is reporting that China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) has suspended sales of fuel to North Korea giving as a reason their concerned they won’t get paid. CNPC is a Chinese state-owned oil and gas corporation, the largest integrated energy company in China and based on revenue is the third largest company in the world.

The publicly given rationale may or may not be the actual reason. After all, CNPC is owned by the Chinese government, and the Chinese government has been basically funding North Korea for years.  Perhaps the real reason is China wanted to send a message to the North Korean government and especially their despotic leader, the diminutive and chunky, Kim Jong Un, who is more cuckoo than a clock, but wanted to do it without publicly shaming the kooky Korean with a bad haircut, which is why they blamed it on economics.

As a dictator, Kim Jong Un puts the…



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