Chinese Fighter Jets Intercept US Plane in ‘Unsafe’ Way

Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a U.S. Navy plane Sunday, with one of the jets flying in a manner the U.S. deemed “unsafe.”

The U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane was flying in international airspace in a routine manner over the East China Sea on Sunday when two Chinese J-10 fighter jets intercepted it, ABC News reported.

During the intercept, one of the J-10s passed under the U.S. EP-3 plane at high speed, slowed, then pulled up in front of the U.S. plane, causing it to “take evasive action” to avoid colliding with the Chinese plane, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said, ABC News reported.

Davis said the Chinese jet’s action was “uncharacteristic” of the usual Chinese military behavior. Intercepts are fairly common, but are usually done in a safe manner, ABC reported.

The jet that acted unsafely came within about 300 feet of the U.S. plane, Reuters reported. The interaction took



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