China Pushes War With United States Via State Media


The war of words between China and The United States is heating up this week, as the communist superpower has once again threatened Donald Trump.

Relations between the United States and China are becoming increasingly tense.

The President-Elect has been adamant regarding his hopes to renegotiate trade deals that involve China, and his acceptance of a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan after the election further irked Beijing.  Now, the leadership of China has overtly threatened Trump via their state-run media, even alluding to nuclear war.

“The US should ‘prepare for a military clash’, a state run Chinese tabloid newspaper has warned.

“Less than 24 hours after US Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson appeared to call for a blockade of South China Sea islands, a strongly-worded English editorial in the Global Times accused the former ExxonMobil chief executive of “rabble-rousing”.

“He ‘had better bone up on nuclear power strategies if he wants to force a…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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