Chief of Lies – Sacasheeta – Liz Warren Back In The News As Possible VP

I wrote this piece back July of 2014 about my favorite Native American…Elizabeth Warren!

She took a turn as Hillary’s VP this week.

I couldn’t help but release this piece again in honor of one of the lying-est women in politics…which does make her perfect for Hillary’s partner-in-crime.


Elizabeth Warren wants to be President. Let’s just be honest about it. She’d love to hop over Hillary and be the first woman POTUS! With Hillary tanking lately Run Liz Run is getting some traction. Lizzy got some more attention as she provided her 11 Tenets for Progressivism…just in case people wondered where she stood on the issues that matter most to liberals. It could have been titled…why you should pick me over Hillary, but oh well, 11 Tenets for Progressivism will work, I guess.

My favorite thing about Little Miss Warren is the fact that she is a Native American…oh…



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