Chelsea Explains How Hillary Will Destroy The Second Amendment – THE SUPREME COURT

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Oh my…scary. Chelsea Clinton explains what may be the most important reason for her mom, Hillary Clinton, to never be president.

Chelsea takes down the veil, if there ever was one, on the Clinton gun control plans. If Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States she will pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices.

With the death of Supreme Court Legend Antonin Scalia, one spot will be filled in the first 90 days of the next presidency. Then given the age and frailty of the current jurists, at least one more spot will be filled in the next presidential term.

That would effectively tilt the courts left for as many as 20 years to come. Also, with the courts role erroneously gaining power in the legislative process, the SCOTUS influence will be crushing to American’s who value our Constitution in its current form.




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