Captain Murders Christians On The High Seas

Captain Murders Christians On The High Seas (Image: MGN)

A captain of a boat lost at sea back in 2014 is being tried for the murder of six passengers. He apparently forced six Christians off the boat due to their religious beliefs, witnesses said. It’s said that he, and his second in command, beat the passengers with boards before throwing them off the boat. The trial is ongoing.

In 2014, a small boat was almost lost at sea when it got caught in a fierce storm. The captain, Alain N. B., a Cameroonian immigrant, blamed six Christian passengers aboard the craft. In an effort to stop the storm he forced the six Christian men off the boat to their deaths. Of course, that didn’t stop the storm because storms don’t work that way. What it did get him, however, was a seat in court for the murder of six men.




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