Cape Cod Nuke Plant Could Be on Verge of Disaster

Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Massachusetts is struggling mightily, and possibly leaking radiation.

The staff at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant has already been complaining of a lack of assistance at the facility.  Now, the radiation levels at the plant have begun spiking in dangerous amounts, leaving some of the employees mortified of a possible meltdown…or worse.

“’Now, a group of Massachusetts politicians, including Governor Charlie Baker, Attorney General Maura Healey, Senator Edward J. Markey, have stepped forward to put pressure on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in the hopes that it will schedule a public meeting to discuss public safety concerns surrounding the plant,’ reports the Boston Business Journal.

“According to the publication, on Wednesday officials sent a letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) ‘expressing their concern’ over a leaked December 6 email.

“An excerpt from the letter addressed to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission commissioner Stephen Burns reads:

“’While the…

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Andrew West

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