Calm Your Anxiety and Sleep Better With This Passion Fruit Tea

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You certainly have heard that passion fruit is a great natural calmer, haven’t you?

Passion fruit has calming and sedative properties that calm the nervous system and fight anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and nervous disorders.

With all these properties, passion fruit tea or juice make a good, natural options to make you sleep better.

If you follow our channel, you probably know how much we talk about teas and natural alternatives to improve your sleep.

Did you know that sleep issues are becoming more and more common in our society?

With the pandemic, there was an increase in insomnia and the search for sleep medications, most times without medical prescription.

Did you know that sleep medication can cause sleepiness the next day? It can lower your reflexes and cause accidents.

If you identify with this issue, stay here to learn how to make a passion fruit and fennel tea to help you calm down, sleep better, and fight insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

0:00 Passion fruit benefits
0:30 Are we getting enough sleep?
1:00 The problem with sleeping pills
1:43 Passion fruit and fennel tea recipe
2:31 Passion fruit tea contraindications
2:35 Tips to help you sleep better



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