California University Brings Back Racially Segregated Housing

Not long ago universities that offered racially segregated housing were being lambasted in the mainstream media for displaying such openly racist behavior. Apparently times have changed.

Racially segregated housing will now be offered for African-American students at California State University in Los Angeles in an effort to minimize the effects of “racist attacks,” “racially insensitive remarks,” and “microaggressions.” It was less than a year ago when the school’s Black Student Union demanded the segregated housing.

WE DEMAND the creation and financial support of a CSLA housing space delegated for Black students and a full time Resident Director who can cater to the needs of Black students. Many Black CSLA students cannot afford to live in Alhambra or the surrounding area with the high prices of rent. A CSLA housing space delegated for Black students would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students. This space would also…



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