California: Proof That Everything The Liberals Run Turns Into Sh*t

I haven’t written for a while. It felt like I would simply be echoing other Right-leaning columnists. The Las Vegas shooting’s a tragedy. The Left says it’s the Right and the NRA. And the only way to fix it is with more violence. Nancy Sinatra (and others) thinking we should execute NRA card-carrying Conservatives.

Yet, not a word by the Left of the 57 killed and almost 300 shot in Chicago this year. Not a word about a mental health issue. Only that sane, card-carrying NRA members are to blame.

The climate change debate heats up, again (see what I did there?) because of hurricanes, earthquakes, rain, and more. Trump pulling out of the Paris accord will destroy us even more. Yes, yes, yes, only humans can prevent global warming. Volcanos and cows have nothing to do with it. Well, volcanos release over half a billion tons of



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