Brooklyn Law Prof Says Solar Eclipse Is Racist

By TK Whiteman –

Did you know that the solar eclipse is actually racist? So for all you believers and non-believers of the existence of God are now supposed to buy off that either The Almighty Himself or good ol’ Mother Nature has it out for black people.

That is if The Atlantic magazine and Brooklyn Law School professor Alice Ristroph are to be believed.

As dissected by The Daily Caller’s education editor Eric Owens, the once-respectable Atlantic is now sinking to the bottom of the everything-is-racist septic tank that passes in America as credible journalism.

As reporter Owens notes;

The Atlantic, a once-great magazine, has determined that the total eclipse of the sun due to occur on Monday will fail to affect enough black people.

The Atlantic’s very lengthy essay on the failure of the eclipse to occur where a sufficient number of black people reside is entitled “American Blackout.” It clocks in at a



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