British Mag.The Economist Writes That U.S. ‘Soldier Worship is Problematic’

If there is anything worse than a liberal magazine commenting on American culture, it’s a liberal British magazine doing the same.  The Economist published a piece called America’s love affair with uniformed men is problematic that suggests that American soldiers are not patriotic. It also blasts people who are supportive of our armed forces.

The article begins with a very cynical paragraph:

A POIGNANT feature of American bases in Iraq were their walls of Thank You cards sent by American schoolchildren. Often displayed outside the chow-hall, where the troops gathered to eat, they typically thanked them for “being over there to keep us safe”. Hardly any of the soldiers Lexington spoke to, during several trips to Iraq, believed that to be the case. Their Iraqi enemies were fighting a defensive war, not trying to launch one against America. Yet the soldiers accepted the sentiment unblushingly. No soldier expects the beloved chumps back



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