BREAKING: Women’s Bathroom In Colorado Declares – NO MEN ALLOWED!


A few moments ago…at approximately 1:15 PM Central Time…it was discovered that in an out of the way place in Colorado, the bathroom debate was solved.

At a roadside established whose clientele is made up primarily of people heading to the mountains of Colorado for fun and good times, the argument that Men can use Women’s bathrooms has been made perfectly clear.

An investigator for the Daily Surge was on site and saw first hand how rural Colorado feels about bathroom and gender.

It all began when our investigator asked to use the bathroom in the un-named establishment found near this location not far from Julesburg on I-76.

no men1

The investigator, who remains female, was handed a key from behind the counter and attached to that key is what was described as “a big stick” that had the word “Women” written in black magic marker upon it.

She continued to the rear of the establishment to discover that the women’s bathroom had one major restriction!


She knew the establishment was serious and she was happy to not be a man and proceeded to enter the bathroom to do her business in peace.

no men

No word on the cleanliness of the “Repressive” and “Restrictive” restroom.

Apparently, in middle-America, otherwise known as the flat-lands of Colorado, they don’t care about debating how you “Identify”.

Life is still black and white and simple in places like this.

For goodness sake…if it’s a woman’s bathroom…NO MEN ALLOWED!

Sanity still exists in certain parts of America.

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