Breaking News: Massacre In Germany Leaves 50 Injured

Breaking News: Massacre In Germany Leaves 50 Injured (Image: MGN)

A heavily armed shooter entered a movie theater in Viernheim, Germany and began shooting patrons. He also released tear gas on the individuals fleeing the theater. Armed police officers stormed the theater and killed the gunman in a firefight. It is said that the gunman had no affiliation with radical Islam but instead was a Neo-Nazi fanatic.

A mass shooting in Viernheim, Germany has just happened at a movie theater, leaving 50 people injured.

The armed shooter has been shot and killed by officials.

It has been confirmed that the attack was not related to the Islamic State but a Neo-Nazi fanatic. 

He was seen entering the movie theater around 3 p.m, with a weapon in hand and a belt of ammunition around his shoulder.

Apparently, he fired four blank shots and then as people ran out of the theater he…



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