Breaking News – Explosion Kills 10 And Wounds Over 60 In Philippines

On Friday night in the Philippines, an explosion in a crowded market in the middle of Davao City killed at least 10 people and injured over 60 others, according to presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella.

As you can see in the above video, smoke fills the street and emergency workers rush to the scene to help the wounded.

So far the government has said very little about the motives behind the attack. However, Davao City is home to their newly elected President Duterte, who is said to be traveling to the market in response.

A few sources have linked the attack to the Abu Sayyaf Group, or ASG, a local Islamic terrorist group based in the southwestern part of the Philippines. ASG has been fighting for their own independent province for the last four decades and are responsible for the worst terrorist attack in the Philippines history, the bombing of…



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