Breaking: Condemning Audio of Paul Ryan Released….(Video)

Paul Ryan has been throwing Donald Trump under the bus since day one. While all the democrats were all in for Hillary Clinton, many GOP members like Ryan turned their back on the man who was  representing our platform. It was quite disheartening and frustration. However, I expected it to change once Donald Trump won he presidency..but it hasn’t.

Now, a private conference call has been released, featuring  Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan. In the tape, Ryan says that he will not ever defend Donald Trump, and that he is abandoning the GOP leader forever.

His exact words are, “I am not going to defend Donald Trump—not now, not in the future.”

[embedded content]

So, if Ryan announced how he was done with Donald Trump forever, why is he now pushing for Trump to accept his healthcare legislation? A healthcare plan that would be more of a bandaid than…



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